Friday, 5 October 2012

Mad Dog Gym

Jumpsuit - Thrifted
Boots - Dr. Martens

I kind of look like I want to kill the world in these photos, but idk why because I was basically having the time of my life jamming in that jumpsuit. My eyes just don't like to open all the way?? Whatevs. Who even cares about my face when THIS JUMPSUIT IS STARING YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE. I thought it was the ugliest thing ever when I first saw it and then I was like "NO IT'S BEAUTIFUL." That kind of happens a lot with a lot of the clothing I find...

I'm in Vancouver now on my Thanksgiving break and I have a giant to-do list. Mostly involving a ton of tie-dye and bleach and thrifting. Gonna get some disposable cameras developed, gonna get some fro-yo, gonna down some Tofurky in time for Canadian Thanksgiving, all that jazz. My abs hurt like hell from volleyball practice yesterday (mandatory organized sports woo) and I just ate way too much tofu curry and to get my stomach to expand properly, I need to do some work with them abs, except they hurt too much so it's this bad cycle of feeling too full and having my abs feel like they're dying. That's what happens when tofu curry is nearby...

In other news: there's this school-wide speech competition coming up that EVERY STUDENT needs to write speeches for, and they have to be persuasive and about something that we're passionate about, and in the end there's, like, one winner from the whole school. So I'm probably going to end up doing something about feminism. I would do animal rights or something, but I think high school kids who want to eat meat are going to eat meat, and therefore wouldn't appreciate me talking about how animals are being taken advantage of, and instead they'd just be like "man I want some bacon." Which is why there is feminism. I think I'll talk about slut-shaming because that's a side of feminism that high school kids aren't exposed to enough. I guess the normal high-school feminist focuses more on girls being able to work as hard as guys and that they should be payed as much etc, and obviously that's important, but slut-shaming is SUPER prevalent in high schools and some people just DON'T KNOW that it's not okay and that it's anti-feminist. Plus, I'm legitimately passionate about that, so it won't be too difficult to, ya know, get hyped up about it. Or I'll talk about street harassment. Because that's some shit I can argue against.


  1. YES. the idea that girls who like sex are somehow "bad" needs to be squashed as early as possible! really no better place to talk about it than high school. And maybe talk about girl-on-girl hate/competition? We really need more teamwork and less hating of eachother. but you already knew that because you're FUCKING GREAT.

  2. you look absolutely sensational dear<3 i love this jumpsuit :)) good luck on your new school project!! go and nail it :D

  3. The dark lips are perfect with that jumpsuit. What a great thrift!


  4. i can really relate to this post. isabels sitting at my bed and we're talking about how you're really kewl.

  5. you are beyond gorgeous! i adore the jumpsuit too. good luck on your school project! :D

  6. wow. jumper perfection. damnnnn

  7. THIS.
    was made for you.

    let's skype, i wanna hear about this speech situation. <3 happythanksg! eat too much for me!

  8. wow, I am so impressed, love eveything about you!

  9. YES!!! yes to everything. yes yes yes. go win that competition.

    also, you made me hungry. *stomach growl growl**

  10. Wow this is incredibly amazing.